Flomory – meaningful nature’s jewelry with real flowers and herbs

Pause. Breathe in deeply and listen carefully. After a moment, the whole world will change. A little cherry blossom stretching towards the sun turns slowly into a sour berry. Do you feel it? And nothing can change this endless movement. Or maybe?
I'm the one
who saves this second for you.
The uniqueness of every second inspired me to create the brand Flomory. It's more than just flower jewellery, it's frozen miniature worlds. The time stops in them, and you can unhurriedly enjoy the natural beauty that you pass every day. I make tiny bouquets as a little reminder that beauty should be seen in the simplest things around us.
Over 4 years, I was obsessed with the idea of creating miniature bouquets as a piece of jewelry. After a few years of research and development, my sister and I created a unique technology that allows us to make complex floral compositions in resin and preserve the shape and color of fragile plants. Now, we can say with confidence: find a jewelry maker who can repeat any of our sphere necklaces with a miniature bouquet, and you'll receive this jewelry as a gift from us.
I also believe jewelry needs to be meaningful, personal, and display more about you - your personality, feelings, and values. And that's not just words. Every piece of my jewelry contains a hidden message in a language of flowers. In every description, you’ll easily find a very personal note to express your vision of life. Wear Flomory every day and carry your aspirations with you everywhere.
Less bling + more you.
Less about Kardashian and more about us -
flower loving girls next door.
At the core of Flomory jewelry is complicated floral compositions and attention to color combinations.
I create, not just a set of flowers, but I make natural miniatures, where every flower is in its place.
And I rarely use more than three colors to make it easier for you to combine my jewelry with clothes. I also try to break down the barriers between nature, metal, and the body; that's why optimum comfort is very important to me.
I design my jewelry to fit perfectly.
You should remember you're wearing the ring or the bracelet only when you receive compliments.
As a designer and maker, I'm extremely involved in production and complete creative control through each step, from conception of a design to packaging.
And I don't believe mass-producing products can make you feel special.
I create every unique detail from packaging to floral arrangement to make it clear in the first seconds - in your hand is a high-quality handmade product.
  • I can guarantee:
  • - All flowers will retain their color and form for at least 10 years;
  • - High-quality resin won't yellow with time if you care for it properly,
  • - 3 years repair warranty for all resin details.