Bezobalu - Store without packaging

Store without packaging - how cool it looks!

"Bezobalu" (from Czech "without packaging") is one of several shops in Prague where all products are sold without packaging. It works like this: you can come in with your packaging or bags, weigh your container and, if necessary, you’ll get a paper tag with the weight of your can or bottle. Then you fill your own capacity with the desired product, weigh it pay and go home without waste.

You can control on the scales how much fits into your container or bag.

Spice. All spoons in the store are dimensional so that it’s easy to measure the right amount of the product.

Herbal preparations and teas by weight.

Cleaners, powders, tablets for dishwashers

Dried Fruits and Sugar

For bread, you can use fabric bags.

For a small shop space, there is a very large selection of goods - dozens of cereals and seeds, dairy products, coffee, teas, dried fruits and nuts, cleaning products, hygiene products etc. And all this is placed in several small rooms. Without packaging, you can place much more goods per one square meter of the store.

"Bezobalu" is a non-profit organization, which in 2014 opened the eponymous store. Its main activity is spreading a zero-waste lifestyle in the Czech Republic. Money for the first store in Prague, they gathered with the help of crowdfunding.

In contrast to the usual eco-goods, the goods without packaging are cheaper than the packaged counterparts. It is understandable, because the cost of ordinary goods includes packaging, which sometimes is more expensive than the product itself.

On their website, "Bezobalu" claims they are constantly working to make their products even cheaper by choosing local suppliers and the introduction of non-waste practices in logistics.

Beside slow prices and the obvious impact on garbage, the no-packaging shops have other, less obvious advantages. The waste-free purchase style changes the habitual way of life and makes it more conscious. To make purchases in such a store, you must think ahead about products you need, to prepare suitable containers or bags. So, there is much less chance to make an impulsive purchase. During the purchase, you are not distracted by bright packages and promising slogans.


Based on ecoidea article