Jewellery Care Guide

Proper care is important to the life and beauty of your jewellery. Let's start with care of resin jewellery.


Your resin jewellery will last longer if you don't leave it in direct sunlight. My pieces include real flowers. Due to the special technology, they retain their color for more than years. However, extended exposure to sunlight can shorten the lifespan of the product by up to three years. For longest life and best appearance, keep it out of the sun.


Never wipe your jewellery piece with acetone or alcohol.  This can lead to the clouding of the surface. Always remove your rings before using nail polish remover.

Resin jewellery is sensitive to certain chemicals and ingredients, so it's best to put it on after applying makeup.


It's that simple. Instructions are included with each order.


Now let's talk about some pointers for jewellery care in general.

It's best to keep your jewellery pieces separate from each other in small bags.

Use silica gel packets. This will help to absorb moisture and slow down the tarnishing process.

Jewellery hooks work well for metal chains but they could damage your pearls and strung jewellery. It is better to store them on a horizontal surface.

Moisture accelerates the tarnishing process. Keep jewellery away from the bathroom.


Put your jewellery on after you finish getting ready and take it off before you start washing up for bed. Hair sprays, perfumes, and lotions can make your jewellery pieces dull, while water and chlorine can cause metals to corrode and tarnish.