The truth and myths about resin jewelry

The truth and myths about jewelry made of epoxy resin. Things you probably thought about, but were reluctant to ask.

Over the past 7 years of working with epoxy resin, I have observed many strange statements about such products. And most often myths are spread by craftsmen themselves, trying to sell you low-quality goods. Generally in such cases they are accompanied by the fact that this is a handmade product. Now let's see what we should pay attention to when buying epoxy jewelry.


1. Flowers in the resin wither with time, turn yellow and lose color.

This is true. Collect the herbarium and watch some flowers fade in a year, some in 3.

To keep the flowers in color, you need a special treatment. Some flowers are sprayed with ultraviolet lacquer, some are additionally painted in their natural color. This is the only way to ensure that they do not change their color and shape. And don't believe anyone if theysay otherwise!

2. Small bubbles in the resin are inevitable if you have a handmade product in front of you.

Well, no! Bubbles appear when you mix resin with a hardener. Everybody has it. And so do I. To get rid of them, you need a degasser. The device is expensive, and therefore not all craftsmen can afford it. So if you come across a bubble-white product on the Internet with a signature that it is just a handmade work - feel free to close the tab. You are deceived.

3. Resin products are toxic.

The resin is really toxic. However, only when it is liquid. As soon as the resin hardens, it stops releasing harmful substances. Such products can be worn by pregnant women and young children. It is absolutely safe.

However, it is necessary to work with it in a protective mask and gloves. Also it should dry in a separate room.

4. The resin turns yellow with time.

This depends on the quality of the resin. I used cheap resin for my first jewelry and it yellows after 2 years. So if you are not sure of the quality of the resin, don't buy it.


5. Resin jewelry can be easily made at home by watching the video on YouTube.

Yes, you can learn the basics. If you want to try it for yourself, choose the hardware that is closed with metal on three sides, and don't forget about the mask and gloves.

However, it is not possible to repeat the bouquets at once. Let's start with the fact that the ball distorts the proportions of flowers, so that they may seem bigger or smaller than they are in nature. I spoiled more than 100 bouquets before I realized how to position the composition correctly. Not to mention the fact that flowers bounce back to the surface and break down.

You can learn anything. The only question is how beautiful it should look and how many years of your life you are ready to spend on it.


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