Valentine’s Day special edition

Couples necklaces which even manly men will love. Valentine’s Day special edition


With Valentine’s day around the corner, love is in the air and so is the need to find the perfect present for your significant other. Fret not, for we have you covered with our exclusive collection of couples necklaces that even the most non-jewelry men will fall in love with!

Couples necklaces in blue

Who said Valentine gifts need to be nauseatingly romantic? This royal blue couples necklace is the modern interpretation of the ‘you complete me’ jewelry. Made of premium sterling silver, each pendant represents half of a skeleton leaf against a strikingly blue background. Brought together, they complete each other - much like you two do!

This his and hers necklace is the ideal gift for non-romantic but still extraordinary couples. Even better, as there are only 20 pieces available, you can be sure your present is going to stand out from the crowd.

Handcrafted in the Flomory studio in Leipzig, Germany, each couples necklace is one-of-a-kind and comes with two gift boxes. SHOP NOW!

Matching couples necklaces

Leave your better half absolutely breathless this Valentine’s Day with the monochrome his and hers necklace. Made from sterling silver, the skeleton leaf pendants symbolize love and closeness. The stylish black and white colors made for a simply stunning design that even the manliest men are going to love!

Hand-crafted and made from eco-friendly resin and premium sterling silver, each of these matching couples necklaces is completely unique. Each pendant comes in its own wooden box, expertly gift wrapped to make the special event all that more special! SHOP NOW!

His and hers necklaces for nature lovers

If nothing makes your significant other more happy than the sight of nature, then this his and hers necklace will make for the ideal Valentine’s gift. Made from premium quality sterling silver against a deep green resin background, this skeleton leaf necklace is the perfect present for couples, brought together by a shared love for the wilderness. Bring the two pendants together to complete the look! SHOP NOW!

His and hers necklaces set

This unique his and hers set is as stylish as couples necklaces go, and is the ideal present for unique and extraordinary couples. Hand-crafted, the women version of the pendant is decorated with an elderflower and the men’s hides a gorgeous cloverleaf as a celebration of the male and female nature. Highly intimate, these pendants are a great gift for couples who are not fans of big displays of love.

The rectangular couples necklaces also come in a currant and dandelion seed option: each pendant contains half of the currant, one of the most famous symbols of loyalty, success and wealth.  Invite happiness in your relationship and strengthen your bond with your significant other this Valentine’s day with these gorgeous subtle couples necklaces! SHOP NOW!