Much time, care and craftsmanship goes into every piece of Flomory jewellery. From the design idea in my head to the finished piece, often a whole month passes.
The first stage requires collecting plants, leaves, and grass. In Spring, I spend two hours every day trying to find the best natural treasures. Through experience, I have learned exactly where to find the best hydrangeas or when is the best time to collect miniature mushrooms.
Then I need to press the flowers. I prefer a romantic method and dry my natural treasures in thick books. I also use a special technology to preserve the color of each flower for many years.
The next step is the design creation. I usually develop over 20 different combinations until I find the perfect one. At this stage of creating my nature’s jewellery, I invest nearly 40 hours of work. I try to see the beauty of each flower and imagine what other elements would emphasize and complement its magnificence. In my compositions, there are no main and secondary flowers. I strive to make the bouquet look natural, as if a piece of meadow was captured in your pendant. My goal is to reflect natural elements without distortion, to display nature without forgetting important details, and to save it without losing its charm.
When the design is finished, I begin working with fluid resin and silicone molds. After that comes the delicate operation of sanding and polishing. On average, it takes me four hours to achieve a perfectly transparent surface on a jewellery piece.
As a result, I spend about 50 hours of work on each piece in my collection.