Matching necklaces for couples

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These matching necklaces for couples are the perfect way to symbolize love and closeness and leave your dearest absolutely breathless this Valentine’s day or any other day of the year. The pendants consist of one skeleton leaf cut in half. If you put the two parts together, it becomes whole. It’s a perfect gift for those who believe in the existence of second halves.

The length of this pendant is 2.5cm (1 inch).
Colors: black and silver.
Materials: sterling silver and eco-friendly resin.
The price is for both necklaces and includes two 45cm (18 inch) long chains.

To make your gift giving as stress-free as possible, we ship the necklaces in two separate wooden boxes expertly gift wrapped at no additional charge.
Making these necklaces is a multistage process. I start by cutting the silver skeleton leaves and give them the desired shape. Each one has a special pattern, making every set of necklaces unique.
Next I place it in a special square mold and pour resin into the mold. Three days later I sand raw angles and pour the second colored layer of resin. After re-sanding and polishing the necklace is ready. Such a multi-layer fill allows me to create a 3D effect in the finished piece.

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